I have a lot of original characters, and I like sharing them with others and hearing what they have to think, so here they are!

Jack Wilebane^

A slightly worried Gengar

My "primary" character, and the one I've named myself and all of my websites on. They're the first one I ever made!

Originally born a normal human in the Pacific Northwest, Jack ended up perishing in their early 20's, only to be re-animated as a Gengar of all things. They are constantly on edge over every little thing, although it's hard to say exactly why. Maybe they're paranoid they're somehow die a second time, or accidentally get someone killed? Or maybe they just have undiagnosed anxiety.

Pronouns: They/Them (like me!)

Age: 20, or maybe 40? (Born September 20th, 1977 ; Died September 24th, 1997 ; Re-Animated October 1st, 1997)

Biology: A reanimated human soul given physical mass in the form of a Gengar. Body lacks bones and contains ectoplasm.

Likes: old Nintendo games, FPS games, just games in general really, obnoxious amounts of pizza, women, men too

Dislikes: warm water, anything spicy, capitalism, being warm

Times New Roman^

A skeleton with purple hair

My "secondary" character, and the one I've poured the most heart and soul into. Based in the Undertale universe.

A human, but with a much more mysterious backstory. She can't remember anything from when she was alive, besides small flashes and glimpses, but it's safe to say that she fell head-first through a hole into the UNDERGROUND and smashed her skull open on a rock. She's taken to being a skeleton Monster rather well, surprisingly. She is very blunt and straightforward most of the time, but she finds herself blushing easily.

Pronouns: She/They

Age: 20 (Birthdate Unknown ; Died 198X, Re-Animated 200X)

Biology: A human skeleton with a Monster-like SOUL that drips raw PERSERVERENCE. She can magically create a fake "body" around herself and uses this (ectoplasm, as it's called) to form hair over the hole in her skull.

Likes: Undyne, any beefy women in general honestly, mobile games, Mettaton

Dislikes: wasting time, talking to people, conflict, Mettaton


A dragon, with skin missing and half of one horn replaced with crystals

A mercenary based in my own unique setting. I plan on eventually detailing it on the website, but I'm not sure where to put it at the moment!

A dragon adventurer that has lost almost all of its humanity due to the infection of The Color, but it's still intelligent enough to follow orders from its superiors from the Mercenary's Guild of Freelance Adventurers. It weilds what would be considered a Buster Sword for someone of its extreme height.

Pronouns: It/Its

Age: Unknown, but records date it at roughly 40 years old, give or take.

Biology: A 12-foot (roughly three-and-a-half meters) tall dragon, with The Color nearly taking over its body in the form of "ultra-cyan" crystals. The areas surrounding these crystals are greyed from the life being sucked out of them.

Likes: fighting (sort of), eating entire boars, cooking, simplistic music, elves

Dislikes: harming innocents, long trips, The Color

Enshia Cerebi^

A humanoid with horns and glasses, looking tired or worried

A Hamsteak troll. This one is significantly more serious than the next one.

An Alternian troll, specifically a jadeblood, she isn't as active as most others of her kin. Rather than dealing with "grubs" herself, she mostly takes care of date-of-birth records and the like. Most of her time kis spent within her corner of the caverns, either working or reading dumb nerd books.

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 8.7 Sweeps (This equates to 19 years old in Earth years)

Biology: Just a little over six-feet tall, she is very typical for a troll: grey skin, orange horns, and green blood. She needs glasses to see and typically wears some kind of greenish jacket, but that is about it.

Likes: Books, history, creative writing, talking to friends, watching forign movies

Dislikes: The Condesce (shhh), her lack of friends

Pollya Ninten^ A humanoid with horns, it looks wild and unkempt

A Hamsteak troll. This one is significantly less serious than the last one.

An Alternian troll, specifically a goldblood. Despite having psychic powers like most of her kin, it's instead taken the form of "psychokenesis", a form of PK/PSI abilities from another world that does not yet exist. While her overt friendliness tends to get her in trouble, her powerful abilites also keeps her safe.

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 9 Sweeps (This equates to just about 19½ years old in Earth years)

Biology: On the shorter side, at 5'04", she is otherwise emblematic of other trolls: grey skin, orange horns, and yellow blood. The most staggering difference is the fact that she wears a striped shirt, seeing as most trolls don't really invest into fashion and see it as a waste of time. Her eyes are colored after her powers, with one orange and the other blue.

Likes: RPGs, chiptunes, making friends, adventuring with her dog-like lusus

Dislikes: fighting, thinking about tough situations too hard

Mary Minau^ A woman with somewhat unkept hair wearing glasses

A normal human, mostly. No set universe right now.

Mary's just kind of weird in general. She's so in touch with animals that she likes to just talk to them on a daily basis, whether it be pet dogs or cats or random raccoons and snakes that she finds behind her house. For the most part, this has worked out for her, as she works in an animal shelter and takes care of Reginald, a Virgina opossum.

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 26

Biology: At 5'03", she is just horrifically average in general. Besides somewhat poor eyesight and surprising stamina, though, which she uses to keep up with animals on the run, or to run away from danger.

Likes: Animals (opossums especially!), retro games, Youtube videos and making them

Dislikes: You can probably imagine

A sign of a dancing construction worker